Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm back

Yup, I'm all in one piece, back - from what seemed like five minutes in - the UK. The funeral service, commital and wake were lovely and it was wonderful to see so much of my family. However, it was harder than ever to leave for the airport. It doesn't help that my Dad broke his leg last week (refusing immediate surgery because of his mother's funeral) and will be having surgery tomorrow, when it rains, it pours. I'm really glad we went, but happy to be back, to get a good nights sleep in our own bed.

As for knitting, I did a booga bag (photos and felting to follow), Maureen's scarf #2 and 2/3 of a sophie bag, which may need frogging thanks to a little yarn shortage and a motif being misplaced (doh!). Not bad considering I had little time to knit, apart from on flights. Speaking of flights and knitting, I had no problem with the security at this end with my blunt children's scissors and my 10.5 Denise needles. However, security in London was a lot more thorough, they ummed and ahhed about the scissors (eventually okaying me). Then, just before boarding, Homeland Security randomly selected me to check my bag again, they were rude and very funny about the scissors and needles, eventually letting me keep them but telling me to keep them in the hold in future [how the hell am I supposed to knit with my needles all the way in the hold?!]. Anyway, I trotted off to the plane, relieved that I could still knit, and not once did I attempt, or even have the urge to attack anyone with the blunt plastic coated scissors, or less than 4 inch resin needles....