Sunday, September 07, 2008

2 weeks

Wow, it's been 2 weeks since baby E first made her appearance. I want to thank everyone for their congratulatory comments, notes and emails - it's been wonderful to share our joy with so many people I don't even know :)

I did toy with the idea of sharing our birth story, it was pretty eventful for both of us - we certainly tested our amazingly wonderful midwife, and Mr B, but since it all ended well and I'm pretty private, I'm keeping those memories to myself. Instead, here's a shot of baby E and myself on the morning of her 2 week birthday, she's a bit of a blur, a combination of birthday excitement and bad camera methinks.

Also, I have some baby modeling shots to share with you. There's only a few, since baby E is wearing them as they fit her. The quality of the pictures is not so great thanks to our decent camera crapping out on us, apparently electronics don't take to swimming in half a bottle of Gatorade. We've ordered a new point and shoot camera (Canon Powershot Elph SD750)

First up are a pair of socks from Maya (link to her ravelry info).

Next we have the Baby Leaf Hat (ravelry) which I knit, but don't remember blogging about. This was a perfect accessory to wear when leaving the hospital.

I have more, but I'm going to save them since I'm probably not going to have much knitting to show you for a while (and baby E is demanding more attention). I think I've knit 1 round on 2 pair of socks since baby E joined us.