Sunday, March 25, 2007

Like I "need" more socks.

Pattern: Ampersand from "Through the Loops"
Yarn: Regia Surf #5411, thanks to Veronique's de-stashing.
Needles: Addis turbos 32", 3mm (US #2)
Adaptations: I added 6 stitches to the pattern, instead of 3 sts between the increases/decreases I had 4, I didn't want my socks to be too tight. I knit toe up and 2 at a time
Thoughts: I really like this yarn, I think the higher cotton content will be great for the upcoming warmer weather, the colours are nice and happy, and I think the pattern works for the yarn too.

I'm also getting really good at my short-row heels (if I do say so myself), thanks to Gleek giving me a little pointer, and me knitting a little tighter. Overall, these socks make me smile.

Not sure when I will be posting again, with ensuring Mr. B. doesn't pack all my yarn careful planning I will be able to continue knitting, but my internet access might be rudely interrupted after the move next weekend.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

You Spin Me Right Round Baby...

The song has been going around my head over, and over again while knitting these socks. I'm actually really relieved the that socks are finished so that the bloody song can finally stop. Oddly enough, when taking the pictures, the only place I could get decent light was on Mr. B's drum stool (well, apparently they are called 'thrones', but that makes me giggle). At least the pictures are in keeping with the music theme.

Pattern: RPMs
Yarn: Trekking XXL in color 105
Adaptations: None, that I recall.
Thoughts: I really didn't like this yarn at first, not sure if it was the color or slight scratchiness of the yarn, but the subtle striping and warm colors won me over in the end.

I also thought I would try the pointy toe in the pattern, um, not convinced I would use it again. Although I'm still keen to try the star toe.

Oh yeah, I'm sure you've figured out from this post that I'm still breathing and all that. We had a 10 day visit from Ma & Pa Schrodinger [the socks were a big hit for Mum btw]. And have been hunting for a new place to live, we are actually anxiously awaiting to see if our application was accepted for a place we fell in love with. In amongst all that, and the blogging blahs I managed to forget my 2nd blogiversary, and barely kept up with bloglines. I'm sure services will resume as normal sometime in April once we have moved - wherever that may be...