Sunday, March 25, 2007

Like I "need" more socks.

Pattern: Ampersand from "Through the Loops"
Yarn: Regia Surf #5411, thanks to Veronique's de-stashing.
Needles: Addis turbos 32", 3mm (US #2)
Adaptations: I added 6 stitches to the pattern, instead of 3 sts between the increases/decreases I had 4, I didn't want my socks to be too tight. I knit toe up and 2 at a time
Thoughts: I really like this yarn, I think the higher cotton content will be great for the upcoming warmer weather, the colours are nice and happy, and I think the pattern works for the yarn too.

I'm also getting really good at my short-row heels (if I do say so myself), thanks to Gleek giving me a little pointer, and me knitting a little tighter. Overall, these socks make me smile.

Not sure when I will be posting again, with ensuring Mr. B. doesn't pack all my yarn careful planning I will be able to continue knitting, but my internet access might be rudely interrupted after the move next weekend.