Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Golf Club Cover

Time to finish with a silly one. I got this yarn from (on special) and thought that I might knit a hat or scarf out of it, until I got the yarn and it wasn't quite what I expected. After many swatches and attempts I quickly realized that I could not make anyone wear something so 'solid' and scratchy. So I saw a pattern in a vogue book and decided to use the lion brand's free pattern as a template to make this golf club cover. Hopefully, Dad will like it, or at least see the humor. I have a lot of stuff to take back to the UK now....

Gran's scarf

I made this a long time ago (well, last year when I first started knitting). It's from a batch of Homespun that I got as a bargain. I think it must have been coming towards the end of the winter because I never used it (and it's soooo soft, therefore unlike me not to use). I remember I got the pattern on the lion brand site, here. Thinking about going back home for the reception I wanted to have something for my Gran too, and remembered this, and I think she will love it.

Helen & Owen's Baby Blanket

This is the blanket I knitted for Helen and Owen's child (McChortle). I had this yarn that I didn't know what to do with (sound familiar?), then found a pattern on Lion Brand's site for diagonal baby blanket and decided that was it. I doubled up the yarn and pretty much followed the pattern on the site, except that I only went up to just about 105 sts before decreasing again.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Stained Glass Scarves Set

Here are a couple of pictures of the scarves I made in different colors of the Stained Glass. One for Mum Jones, one for Mom Bechler and the other for me. I love them, they are all slightly different in pattern (using different sized needles and different amounts of yo's and garter st rows).

Monday, September 12, 2005

Ribbon bag

This bag feels lovely, made from ribbon yarn, but just not my colours. Luckily, Maureen loved it and took it home. The pattern starts co 28 sts with garter st for about 5-6 rows, then st st for the desired length of the bag (just over 5"), then garter 5-6 rows, then increase 4 sts evenly on k side of st st until 40 sts, then decrease the same way. Then garter again 5-6 rows, then st st for the same length as other side then garter 5-6 rows again. I-cord for the strap and some ribbon yarn as tassels on the side.