Sunday, July 30, 2006

Birthday Bowling - AKA my new haul

WARNING: This post contains yarn p0rn.

Last night I went out with friends to celebrate my upcoming Birthday (the dreaded day is actually tomorrow), we went bowling at Leisure Time Bowl in the Port Authority. The place is a dive, and the fact that you have to go outside into the station to use the public restrooms doesn't help allay this fact. However, I didn't take any pictures of us bowling.

One of the best things about birthdays is gifts. And I'm totally psyched with the packages I received. The first is from my friends M&T, they inform me that this is not actually my birthday gift, this is just "something from Germany" - M had recently returned from visiting family there.

This flannel/dishcloth has a character I have not seen in years, he is the mouse [maus] from a funny little show called Die Sendung mit der Maus [The Program with the Mouse], which I watched in my childhood in years when living in Germany.

See this! Ya see it!! It's Filatura La Crosa's "Buffo", isn't it stunning? It's actually better in real life. But I tried to do it justice in photos - let's get closer:

If that wasn't enough, I also recieved this little package from L&J.

So, we have a candle holder, a Brittany crochet hook (it's beautiful isn't it?) and Soutwest Trading's "Bella" - beautiful 50% soy silk, 50% wool singles. Wanna see up close?

And just another peek at the crochet hook...

Isn't it lovely? I think they did good and they are not even knitters! Thank you so much, I love my new yarn!

Friday, July 28, 2006


Complete! Finito! Done!

EDIT: Here are the stats as promised.

Pattern: Soleil, I did have to adapt the pattern slightly as I used US 7 to change the gauge a little, so I knit less rows, somehow this worked for me.
Source: Spring '05 Knitty.
Yarn: Cotton Patine in color 05 - Damson
Needles: Denise Interchangeable US 7 - these are fantastic for knitting tops, and I can add more cable, so that I have the room to try on the top while I'm knitting.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It's coming...

I have no idea if I told you what pattern I [finally] decided upon for the Cotton Patine from the Suss Sale. So, just in case I've been leaving you out of the loop. I opted for the Soleil Pattern from Knitty as it was mostly knit in the round, it was the right gauge and I had enough yarn for the pattern.

Now, the top is very nearly finished, just finishing and blocking to do. And I should have FO pics to show very soon, here's a little teaser to whet your appetite...

The yarn itself is pretty nice to knit with, soft and no 'ouch' factor commonly associated with knitting cotton. However, there are two things that could be an issue for some. The yarn can be a little splitty (bit like the Madil Eden bamboo I was using for the Picovoli), I did find that I had to 'go back' sometimes, to re-knit a stitch that had split, luckily I've become pretty practiced at picking up dropped stitches, so no frogging or tinking needed for just one stitch. The other thing is that the dye in the yarn has come off on my hands. I first thought that my eyes were playing up a little, but no, my nails are purple-pink where they should be white, and don't even ask about what my ibook looks like right now!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Off - Topic

No, not knitting related, not even vaguely knitting related - will have some FOs to show you very soon, promise!

I just had to share this story. It's a story of me ordering in some food. Mr. B. was running late today, so I had the option of ordering some grub all my own!! So, decided to use a store new to me through this online ordering service. I chose Italian Panini (grilled chicken, roasted peppers, mozerella and pesto), biscoti and a diet coke with splenda (I'm excited about that, this stuff is hard to find now-a-days).

Food took it's own sweet time, and the Panini was so, so. However, all that was worth it when I saw my drink - the laugh it gave me was priceless. Here's what they sent:

"Diet Coke with Splenda"

Friday, July 21, 2006

Secret Pal 8

Firstly, I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone's comments from my last post. I truely appreciate the sympathy, suggestions and advice. The great news is that my finger regained feeling, and the better news is that I was sneaking in some 'big' [as in tank, not 'little' as in sock] knitting to no ill effect. So I ordered a couple of KP circs (I was looking for an excuse to get some anyway) and am going to try them for sock knitting once they arrived.

I don't know how many people reading this are taking part in Secret Pal 8, but I have to say that I've found the experience to be great so far. I really like the person I'm spoiling and have enjoyed getting to know them, and hunting down special gifts. Although I have to say that the suspense is killing me about the latest package which seems to be taking a scenic route - I really hope that it arrived, otherwise I can safely say that Priority Mail is a complete waste of money. Likewise, there seems to be issues about my Secret Pal's gifts arriving with me, apparently USPS is just not doing well. Okay, onto the reason for this post. I received this questionnaire today from my hostess (who is doing a wonderful job btw). And, with a chance of winning STR, how could I resist?

1. What is your favorite season of the year and why?
Spring - it's like everything is starting fresh, the flowers, the smells, the warmth after winter, the ability to rid of the bulky winter garb.
2. Summer is hot. What do you knit in the summer?
So far, socks (now on hold) and tanks (in summery yarns).
3. If money was no object.....what would you buy at the LYS?
Enough to knit whole sweaters, in cashmere. I'd actually buy all the recommended yarns for projects. Another wheel. And I would love to try Quivet.
4. What are some activities that have become family traditions for your family?
My family tend to take ski vacations in Bavaria every Christmas, unfortunately, because I'm on the other side of the pond I don't get to go (also, his parents are visiting us in NYC this year). Lot's of BBQs in the vaguely warm weather, and plenty of alcohol!! We're not big into traditions.
5. What is the weather right now?
We are currently in the middle of a nasty storm, I just got soaked on the way home from work - but I quite like summer rain.

Monday, July 17, 2006


Disaster has struck! I know it's not the end of the world, but it's pretty upsetting to me all the same. This weekend, while knitting my socks in the the cool [self] hand-dyed yarn the following 3 things happened:

1. The pattern I originally decided on was not showing the yarn the way I wanted. But, thinking I could get past that, I carried on past the instep. Trying on the sock I realized that it was waaaaay too tight for my elephantine ankles. So I spent several hours trying to find a new pattern, then frogged the 1/2 a sock I had - I was very strong, no crying for me. I cast on again for the River Rapids sock pattern by Sock-bug.

my sock! my beauuutiful sock!

2. In getting past the ankle I tried on this sock, it fits!!! Yay for me. However, half-way through the foot I look at what I have in sock, and what I have in yarn - there is no way that I have enough to finish this sock. The sock needs to be 2 (maybe even 3) inches shorter so that I will have my toes covered. I haven't had the heart to frog just yet, because...

Toeless River Rapids sock

3. During all this sock knitting I started noticing a numbness in my right ring finger. I put it down to holding the needles very tightly (the reason why avoid metal needles at all costs). It is still numb today however, and after a quick symptom check on the internet I have come to the conclusion that there is a 99% chance that I have developed Carpel Tunnel Syndrome from knitting the socks. I have to put down my knitting (certainly the dpns) for at least a week and see if the numbness goes. I could weep!

I'm a strong woman, I know think I can survive not knitting for a week without a complete breakdown, although it's going to be hard. At least I have my spinning, which has been neglected somewhat recently, and I have a little more yarn to dye - which will keep me out of trouble for a little while. I also have plenty of time to find that 'perfect' tank pattern (I'm hoping that circs will still be okay - for some reason I don't hold them as tight with a larger project).

That's enough sympathy-seeking from me. Hope you're all staying cool.

Friday, July 14, 2006


After Jess posted about the major Suss Design Sale, I just HAD to go check it out. Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm cheap, so how could I say no to 50-70% off yarn? As well at 30% off books? I'd never been before, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't in NYC for all that long anyway. So I also went to say hello and goodbye. On the way there I was reading Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Yarn Harlot. As I was getting off the subway someone came up to me to tell me there was a yarn sale going on in the neighbourhood. As I looked at her and realized that I recognized her, and before I knew what was happening I was telling her that I recognized her from her blog. I felt like such a prat, I mean, are you even supposed to talk about blogs in real life? Anyway, she was very polite to be, despite my dorkiness, and was as sweet as she seems on her blog. Anyway, if you're reading this Michelle, it was a pleasure meeting you, let's not forget the quick 'hello' to Carrie and, I hope that one day I will make it down to the point (sooner rather than later), to enjoy a little SnB.

So I guess you're all wondering what I got in my haul. There isn't much to show I'm afraid. I managed to get a little something, something for my Secret Pal - so no pics there I'm afraid. I did get a little bit of this pretty Cotton Patine, for a summer top (pattern to be confirmed) and I couldn't resist those $2 needles - aren't they pretty? Not exactly a big spender - particularly compared to the $200+ totals the ladies in front of me were racking up.

I also started a new pair of socks with some yarn that I dyed recently, I'm really happy with the colors. There's other stuff that I would love to show you, but secrets suck sometimes... I just LURVE the colours in this yarn, the purple/plum was supposed to be a brown, but sometimes accidents happen for a reason, I think that it goes really well with the cranberry and orange.

What's that? You want to get a little closer.... oh, okay then....

Monday, July 10, 2006



Here are the pictures, as promised. Not too much to say on this one, I'm pretty pleased with it, esp. since it's my first top for me. I only wish that I were a few pounds lighter so I wouldn't feel the need to suck in my stomach when wearing this pretty top. The pattern is Grumperina's Picovili. I knit it using Madil Eden which is 100% bamboo, in color 623 (called coral or pink, depending on the site you go on). I love the feel of this yarn, it's soft and has a super-nice drape (hence the stomach sucking), very much like a cotton in weight. As some other knitters have found. I have 5 more balls left, and now have decide what tank I would like to make with it - I REALLY enjoyed knitting with it. I like Paulina, the Honeymoon Cami and another one that I can't find, which was a stockinette tank, with a lacy bottom, they are all very different, I think that I should stick with simple as I only have 5 balls. Anyone have any ideas?

Shoulder detail.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I'm back

Well, I returned safely from a wonderful trip away, which involved beaches and sand and mini-golf and go-carts and the solving of murders. As well as enjoying the 4th of July celebrations on the beach surrounded by wizzing and explosion - kind of terrifying, but lots of fun. The pics are a little blurry, but give you an idea of just how many were going off around us on.

I also very, very nearly finished Picovoli (just a few more rounds and she will be complete) pictures of that to follow. In terms of knitting, that is all I can tell you about. I even dragged everyone out in search of a yarn store that was supposed to be close by - but it was either closed down or totally made up, little disappointing for me, but nevermind. Other parts of my trip involved, beach, pool, chilling, beer, great friends, more chilling and sun and beach and pool. Altogether and very relaxing time away. Thanks Courtney, Chris and Jeff.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hello and.. Goodbye

I just wanted to say a quick hello to you all before I went away for the week. Just so you all know, the Sophie Bag [aka "Bag o' Bones] was a big hit!! It will be going with my really great friend on her trip away. The Picovili has been frogged once (about 20 rows in - yes! it did hurt) and the second Jaywalker has got no further. I am about to be off on my big trip away... I'm excited and want to say more but probably shouldn't. Anyway, it's late and I have the England game to watch tomorrow. Have a wonderful week, I will try to stay in touch. I'll be back next week. Stay well and happy.