Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Off - Topic

No, not knitting related, not even vaguely knitting related - will have some FOs to show you very soon, promise!

I just had to share this story. It's a story of me ordering in some food. Mr. B. was running late today, so I had the option of ordering some grub all my own!! So, decided to use a store new to me through this online ordering service. I chose Italian Panini (grilled chicken, roasted peppers, mozerella and pesto), biscoti and a diet coke with splenda (I'm excited about that, this stuff is hard to find now-a-days).

Food took it's own sweet time, and the Panini was so, so. However, all that was worth it when I saw my drink - the laugh it gave me was priceless. Here's what they sent:

"Diet Coke with Splenda"