Thursday, April 13, 2006

Good News

Firstly, and most importantly for this blog, I finished my first sock! As I said before, it really wasn't as hard as I expected. It's not perfect. Can you see that little hole where I turned the heel? Yup, I wish I could say I didn't notice until too late, but I did, about 3 inches into the foot and there was no way I wanted to frog (that was just too much re-knitting for such a little hole). I will do a Schrodinger-fix instead (sew it up). Other than that, the sock fits great, and I've cast on for it's partner. The sock was knit with Kroy's "Krazy Stripes" yarn using their basic sock pattern. It's my subway knitting, perfectly transportable, and fascinating for fellow commuters.

On to the other good news, I was offered a new position within my agency, with some more yarn money. I feel that I've worked hard for this job, I started the application process in January [yes, you read that correctly]. Six interviews later, I was offered the position yesterday. It's a totally unique position (a rare thing within the agency) and gives me a wonderful opportunity to develop my skill set and career network, all that good stuff, it's all very exciting/terrifying for me. The other great thing is that I will get more time off and more time off is more knitting time a great opportunity to get things done. I will now have a crazy month as I transition my caseload and move towards this new position - gulp. In celebration of all this news I treated myself to a subscription of "Interweave - Knits" (I'm debating their spinning mag too), yup, living life dangerously. I also went out and drank a silly amount of alcohol for a work night. Mr. B. bought me a box of heavenly "Maison du Chocolat" chocs... mmmmmmmm.