Friday, April 21, 2006

100th Post

I can't believe that I'm still doing this blog - really! It's rare that I find something that I'm interested in enough to keep on doing it after about 6 months (it's been over a year). I started this blog at the beginning of last year, thinking that it will be my way of keeping track of different things that I knit over time. If you look back to the beginning, it's really silly, I didn't expect that anyone would actually read this blog, and I had Bugs Bunny model my knits. As time went on, things grew, I wrote a couple of patterns, joined some wonderful rings and am now just under 12,000 visitors to my site - phew! That seems like a lot to me (although I have no idea).

In honor of my 100th post, here is a picture of my first ever pair of socks. The pair of socks would not be my first choice if I were to buy them - but I've never thought about socks that much, to be honest. They are pretty basic and helped me figure out the rudiments of making socks which I'm glad about, I also feel that I have been bitten by some kind of bug - hmmmm, socks. I ended up buying "pony pearl" dpns in 5 3/4 length, in #0, 1 and 2, while they were reallly hard to find - thanks, I hope that they are worth it, they sound perfect for my style of knitting socks and I will let you know how it goes.