Saturday, April 29, 2006

I just had to.

Okay, I said no pictures, but what is a knitting post without knitting progress pictures really? So here are a couple of pictures of the Placket-collar pullover, I'm about 4 1/4 inches into it. I heart the crayon yarn from knitpicks, it is sooooo soft. Although it's not the best for showing stitch definition (as you can see from the close-up), but I think that's fine for a simple st st with moss stitch edging.

I am getting distracted from the pullover, since the jaywalker socks keep pulling me in. I really love the colorway, I love how the zig-zagging stripes are appearing, and the merino is pretty touchable too. My only issue so far has been those Pony Pearl needles that I was so excited to get. I wasn't even 20 rows into the sock and there was a plopping noise beside me on the sofa and the left needle went super-bendy. The frigging metal rod in the middle of the needle had fallen out of the end!! WTF?!?!? Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that that is not supposed to happen. I had to do a make-shift fix with superglue, but the tip of this needle is totally messed up now. I'm pretty gutted, because, besides the obvious broken needle factor, these needles are perfect for me, they have flexibility, they're not too sticky, yet not so slick that I lose the needles out the stitches during travel. I've written to the supplier to let them know about this problem, let's see what they say. Anyway, here is the sock in progress.