Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Yarn Yumminess

I picked up my knitpicks yarn from the PO today, just in time for Project Spectrum. I said I was having an orange fetish right now didn't I? Well here the proof.

Goodness knows what I will do when the color change happens next week. The orange crayon is to be a sweater for Jane's bambino (she's not here until Sept, so plenty of time for that). The Yellow and Orange balls (6 of each) are going to be doubled up as a sweater for me (if it works) - first one! Still to decide what they will be exactly. The sock yarn was to be falling leaves, but after casting on and knitting a little, I think that there is a definite stripey-ness going on, which is apparently a no-no for this pattern. But guess what? Jaywalkers are calling for this yarn instead. I'm a little disappointed that I can't try toe-up socks right this second, but my time will come... Actually, I also got some color your own sock yarn from knitpicks with this order, so it's time to decide on a color and knit them into those lurverly falling leaves socks.

UPDATE: I just found a site that shows how to do the Jaywalkers toe-up. Looks like my time came before I knew it!