Monday, April 10, 2006

Lookie what I made.

I had so much trouble the last time I started socks and thought that I could never use dpns. Having thought about it a lot recently I decided to bite the bullet and try again (I tried 2 circs and didn't like it much). I realized that using only four 12" dpns was probably the main issue (awkward is an understatement), the amount of times I nearly poked my eyes out is ridiculous! Anyway, I decided that I needed five 5-6" dpns, I had a quick look around and could only find 7" metal dpns (eurgh) I thought I would make some myself. So I spend a whopping 64 cents on two 36" (1/8" diameter) doweling. I had already made some dpns with this size dowel before, but they were size 3. So, I sanded this dowel a lot more while watching the "Fifth Element" and here they are, 1 set of #3 dpns and 2 sets of #2 dpns! I'm using one set of the #2 right now to make a basic 'Krazy Stripes' pair of socks and it's going really well, phew! I'm not totally incompetent. Okay that was far too much information, congrats if you got to the end of this *yawn* post.