Sunday, April 16, 2006

Finally! - it's Easter

And I will be able to eat this! Yes, two chocolate posts in two days, can you tell I like it? Our good friend brought over some chocolate and tea bags, including one of these eggs each. I don't think about these much, it's not something I miss greatly from the UK, but when you are given a Cadbury MINI EGGS Easter egg, it gets to the point where it is all you can think about, so I'm relieved that we can gorge ourselves start our eggs.

As for knitting news, Mrs. B. Sr's scarf is taking forever! I'm about 46" into it, need to do soooo much more (guess what I'm doing today). The second sock is coming along slowly too, about 5.5" into the 8" of st st on the leg. I am determined to do toe-up socks next time, actually, I'm looking at the Knitty falling leaves pattern, I have more yarn coming from knitpicks...