Thursday, February 23, 2006

And so it goes on

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, just been busy knitting (as well as other stuff) and enjoying it. Firstly, with the gigantic cone of yarn I have started Tempting 2 but will adapt the top to have no buckle/strap. I'm a bit concerned about the yarn, it seems a little scratchy and slightly sticky, but hoping that is just to do with the grease they put on the yarn for coning. Hopefully a good wash after knitting will sort it out...

As for the fish (as I'm sure all 3 you are dying to know), I have 47 1/2 done, slowing down a little since I have other stuff on the needles too. No pic updates so far, maybe at the weekend. The super secret Soho scarves are also slowly getting done on my travels - it's my little subway/bus project, so it may not be so secret.

Also started a new project, MIL's birthday scarf. Another lacy project (using up the other merino hank I got at School Products). It's based on the Liesel pattern, but with an extra pattern repeat as the yarn I'm using is so fine (laceweight). I think that it goes really well with the green/yellow yarn. It's a little more enjoyable to knit than the Gothic window lace too.