Sunday, February 05, 2006


Just a quickie for a little update to show that I am still making stuff.

Fishies: now have 18 1/2 of those thing, no sewing done so far, athough they are bound off together at the tails (saved some sewing eh). I still depsise Chenille and I'm looking that the stuff I have (I bought some cones on ebay a year or so ago) and I think that it's going to last forever! I think that I will have to sell it off again to someone more appreciative of this stuff!

Gothic lace scarf (pictured above) - now 53 inches long! Wow, it's not much longer to go eh? It's going to be a gift for my Mum for her Birthday (next month), I'm sure she will appreciate it. Not much longer and I get to really enjoy the magic of blocking on this, can't wait!

Also, the super-secret Soho project is coming along nicely, keeping me busy, but with good progress.

Also, going to see Matt Pond PA Tuesday (well, assuming we get the tix), nice to get out and see a show, it's been a while.