Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Holy Cr*p that's a lot of yarn!

I decided to make a 'big' yarn purchase from ebay, so I would have enough to make a sweater/cardigan. This is a mystery yarn (the burn test suggests a man made fiber, but possibly mixed with a natural fiber - no markings to tell me more unfortunately). Anyway, as you can see from the photos, this is a HUGE cone, about 8lbs in all!! Certainly enough to make a sweater (or 4 - HA HA). Pics are a little blurry, but show off the color (which I'm happy with) pretty well. The WPI suggests it's a fingering weight and I'm going to play around with some swatches to get an idea of gauge - then I will find a pattern, gulp. Ideas will be gratefully recieved.

BTW - 38 fish complete - yay!