Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Scarf Stats

Here is a picture of the scarf, one half blocked, the other, not (yet). The scarf is based on the Liesel pattern.
I did 3 pattern repeats instead of the 2 it calls for in the pattern (so I cast on 49 instead of 35 sts).
Yarn used was an unlabeled lace-weight merino (I think hand-dyed) in a sage green/yellow. Scarf was knit with #1 needles and with 52 pattern repeats (not including the tinking incidents (of which, there are many).
The scarf measures about 6" wide and 60" long and it will be going out tomorrow (when dry) with a lovely card, all wrapped for Mrs. B. Senior. I think she will love it.

Call me crazy, but after all that pattern, I decided to start the Liesel scarf again, this time just following the pattern, but using Brown Sheep's Cotton Fine in Terracotta Canyon with size 3 needles. It will be a little narrower (about 5") and this is all mine. I'm also just starting the foot of the second sock, it is just my travel knitting now, I'm running out of project right now and can't wait for my knitpicks order to come. Where I will have yarn for 1 more pair of socks (falling leaves), I purple sock for my Dad (cos he's crazy to match his cast), the sunrise circle jacket/hourglass sweater (I'm undecided) and a cute little child's placket-neck pullover from Last Minute etc. for Jane's ickle George.

Work has been hard the last few days, I feel like I'm going through break-ups, 10 of them so far - I still have 14 more to go - it's really tiring, some of the families/clients I work with have become quite attached and get quite upset. I can't wait until that's done with (hopefully by the end of the week).