Sunday, April 09, 2006


Yup, it's done and I'm proud. While I was doing this bag I read something somewhere that said intarsia cannot be done in the round. So I look at my bag and realise that I've been doing some illegal knitting move, explaining some of the issues I was having (durr). Admittedly, the ends were a mess (see pic below), but, after a lot of knot tying and end weaving (thank goodness this was a felted project) I felt pretty pleased with the result. Note to self: Never knit intarsia in the round again, is a PITA. The minute I was finished I felt that I deserved the reward and ran down the stairs (did I tell you that I live on a 6th floor walk-up) to the basement with my trusty pillowcase and Mr. B's jeans. 30 minutes later, lo and behold the machine did it's magic again! Once again, I'm astounded (flabbergasted you might say). Here are the photos:

Bag before

Look at all those ends!!! The horror!

Bag after felting.

The Booga bag is also complete, I'll post a picture soon.