Monday, March 27, 2006

Going away

Okay, just wanted to post a little something before going away, pretty sure that family matters will get in the way of blogging...

It's crazy, I should be thinking of the clothes I need to take, making sure I have tix, passports, you know, little stuff like that. All I can think about is, "what knitting am I going to bring?" "Will it be enough?" "Are they actually going to let me take the needles on the flight with me this time?" I'm totally obsessing, but I have potentially 6-7 hours of knitting (EACH WAY) that can be done, that's a lot of knitting potential. I can't take Mrs. B. Sr's scarf because the needles are #1's and metal (I'm pretty sure they will freak out over those - usually at LHR, not JFK). I did make a little purchase for a booga bag (yarn sub, can't remember the name, too lazy to look), so I'm pretty sure that I will take care of one-way. I'm thinking that (if UPS actually deliver tomorrow) I can do a new scarf for Maureen - she lost her original on a cruise, and was most sad about it. What has my life become?

I started spinning the pink/red roving, it's looking super-pretty, no pics yet (too busy planning the trip etc.). It's a little trickier than the other stuff I was spinning with, so it's another learning experience for me. Okay, must go and gather my yarn :)