Sunday, March 19, 2006

Finished the Fish

Yup, as of last night I have a grand total of 100 fish. Started sewing them together last night (well, sewed 2 together, but it's a start). Did some spinning and steamed the yarn - it smelled funny and I got into a right old tangle with it, but it's drying on the clothes horse right now (thank you kweaver for making me think of it by showing a pic on your site). No pictures today, not really in the mood.

The thing is, my grandmother passed away late Friday night, I'm stuck here in the US and all my family are 3,500 miles away. I will be flying out there after I've squared things with work (they are my visa and green card sponsor) and worked things out with my folks. In the meantime, I'm trying to carry on as normal, (with the odd crying fit thrown in). For example, I'm going to the MOMA with friends this afternoon as planned during the week. Okay, enough of this sad stuff. I promise I will post more pics soon, but it may not be until I get back.