Sunday, March 26, 2006

The reason for super-fast seaming

Yup, here is the reason for my need to finish the fish blanket so quickly. Doesn't it all look delicious? It's all from Oregon Trail Yarn (a wonderful seller on eBay). The roving is brown sheep co. with the red/pink being 100% wool (feltable) and the cream being 50% wool 50% mohair, I really wanted to start experimenting with dying (have to start researching, do I want to dye before or after spinning? Not decided yet. The sock yarn is for my first pair of socks, I think the next thing I will start, want to start with something relatively simple. I had initially decided that this would be for Dad - for a laugh, but having seen the colors, I'm pretty sure that they wouldn't be for him, so for me they will be - obviously I'm thrilled. The traced cotton is for another scarf (I'm thinking a leisel for myself), but I'm thinking that one skein isn't enough (oops!). Anyway, that's enough from me, must do some spinning and Mrs. B. Sr's scarf which has been totally neglected.