Saturday, March 11, 2006


My wheel arrived today! My wheel arrived today! Wheeeeeee! I'm happy as a pig in the proverbial. It's all in pieces at the moment, I have had a good look at the directions and think I get how to put it together. I'm currently waiting for the glue to dry in the base before doing anything else (4 loooooong hours). It's sooo cool though. Here's a pic of it in pieces:

Now on to other noteworthy items. I now have, 77 fish - gulp! Getting closer to needing to sew. Nothing else knit-wise going on since I've been going out a little and focusing on the fish.

Trying to sell the computer and desk on craigslist (so we can make space for the gorgeous wheel and some bookshelves), it's proving to be a complete pain in the arse - I hate it when people piss me about, there's no need when we are selling the thing so friggin' cheap anyway, but that's the nature of people I guess. Must...stay...positive.

I'm not sure I mentioned my interviews at work, but long and short of the story is that I have had 5 interviews in 6-7 weeks for this position. I am supposed to have one more, however, the woman I'm to interview with will not be able to do it for at least another week (not her fault and I know I'm not being messed about). I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed and see if I get this job (with reasonable pay, I hope). I'll let you know.