Saturday, June 24, 2006


I feel I've had a productive day, and no knitting so far either. I dyed some yarn for more socks, and once it's dry I will take and post pics. I also got this in the mail today:

Madil Eden Yarn - in pink.

More accurate color representation.

I bought this fabulous yarn on Wednesday night on that auction site, can you believe how quickly it arrived? Part of it is earmarked for Picovoli which I'm very keen to get started on. Anyway, it took all my willpower not to start swatching up right away - it feels so soft! Instead, I did what a good friend is supposed to do, and finished a birthday gift that's been waiting for months.

What will it be?

Unfortunately, I needed to line the sophie bag (yes, from that long ago) and this meant sewing. Not any old sewing (I actually find sewing with a machine quite thrilling), I do not own a sewing machine however, so this meant hand sewing - and I HATE hand sewing, it's like I'm being punished. I worked hard, and it's complete! Don't worry about me posting the pictures before the gift transaction, this friend isn't going to read my blog - I think knitting bores her to tears.

It's lined!

And pretty neat job if I do say so myself.

Other news involves SP stuff, so all very hush hush.