Friday, June 23, 2006

Same site, new name

Over time I have come to realise that I was moving more and more away from the the original title of my blog (Hari, Itu, Hajime [yarn, needle begin in Japanese]) - I haven't made more than two folds in a paper for over 2 years - I just don't do origami anymore. I never finished the Origami "page-a-day" calendar (I think I got to May) and it was just a fad. This concerned Mr. B. when I threw down my origami papers in favor of two sticks and a ball of string (strictly acrylic, well a girl has to restart somewhere eh?), Mr. B's thought was "how long is this one going to last?"

While I go on and on I've lost half my readers here already (one to go) with a rambling AND pictureless post. So without further ado, I'm officially announcing the new name of my blog as "Schrodinger Knits". Say no more.