Friday, June 16, 2006

Earrings and the Park

I actually took the camera with me today. But, for some reason, I felt embarrassed when I took the camera out to take pictures - I'm paranoid about looking like a tourist here - and I don't really know why. I did manage to take a few pictures though. There wasn't anything overly out of the ordinary going on and people were pretty normal today [for New York]. I'm sad because I fear that the weather will be too humid on Monday and, possibly, Tuesday for this lovely walk.

My new office is located on 34th st, and this is my view walking to the train on the way home... jealous? You might not be if you knew what the crowds can be like during rush hour - particularly in the rain (watch out eyes!!).

Here is a 'typical' boulder, frequently seen and used to sunbathe on in the park.

Delecorte theatre - where they have the free Shakespeare in the Park. One day I will go to this, if I can actually be bothered to queue up for hours and hours in the mid-summer heat.

I have no idea how many people see this view of the Met, I know lots in the city do, but to those that don't, I think it's cool. The Temple of Dendur is housed there behind that glass wall.

And I had to take a picture of the destruction that is going on on 86th and Lex. The building are coming down to make room for yet another storefront highrise. Just in case there isn't enough high priced apartments in the city already.

There was a fundraiser at work today (it's pretty much a daily thing at my office, working for a non-profit and all). I normally avoid them (well, it's not like I'm making big money), but this time it was handmade Jewelry. I will be out with a friend for her birthday tomorrow and really didn't know what to get her - so it was earrings to the rescue...

Of course how could I not get a pair for myself?

Right, I'm off to dinner at our favorite local restaurant.