Thursday, June 15, 2006

Central Park

Did I tell you that I have been walking home from work through Central Park every day this week? The weather has been so friggin' gorgeous that I have decided to take a west side train uptown from the office (cos I actually have an office that I work out of practically every day - AND it's in Manhattan - can you tell I'm excited about that?). Anyway, I get off the train on the west side, then take a brisk stroll, I normally do 'brisk walks', the park brings some kind of serenity that I cannot get a pace faster than the 'brisk stroll' level - I'm not complaining, this is a good thing, I feel I'm normally stuck behind some ridiculously sloooooow walker, that it's a turnaround to be that person. I have promised myself that I will take my camera, since I have missed some great photo moments so far this week [including the filming of the 'Nanny Diaries" with Laura Linney and Scarlett Johanssen which was a nice distraction for a few minutes], so maybe I will have something interesting to show this weekend..... or not :-)

As for the Jaywalker sock, while it looks better than this. However, it was frogged again and I just can't talk about it.