Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lookie Here

Look what I got today!! My first ever "Spin-Off" Magazine. Isn't it great? Not only did my Secret Pal get me my first ever, but she/he bought a year's subscription for me!! Isn't she/he great? My secret pal totally rocks. Thank you secret pal, thank you!!! While I haven't had a chance to peruse the magazine properly (I wanted to share my happy news with all of you first). However, I did notice that there is an article on dyeing socks.. see? How cool is that? Perfect timing, I have to say (I can say no more).

As for other knitting news, Jaywalker #1 is complete at last, although a little too long in the foot and too tight in the leg. But there is no way I can face frogging and knitting AGAIN, so my slightly imperfect Jaywalker is done, and that's that! Naturally, I immediately cast on for it's partner, like the good girl I am :-)