Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Breakout Socks

Mr B. is happy (well he better be anyway). The breakout socks are complete and I couldn't be more happy/relieved. I hated knitting the black stockinette (but I think I made that pretty clear in previous posts) and I didn't particularly enjoy sewing the pattern in duplicate stitch. But the end results are satisfactory, and these socks did teach me short rows with yarn overs.

These socks also saw a lot of action on that trip to Boston. I never did tell the story of the trip to Boston, so here is a run-down of things that happened on that fateful trip:

  • We waited and waited for a bus to turn up 45 minutes late, to take us to see a good friend.
  • Alas, when said bus finally turned up, it was not a bus, it was a minivan, with just enough seats for all 11 of us passengers to squish together uncomfortably for the anticipated 4 hours.
  • One hour into the trip, the passenger that was squeezed in next to Mr. B. had a grand mal seizure, where his lips turned blue. Mr. B. looked after him, while the van pulled over and we called 911. The state police, ambulance and fire engine all came quite quickly and an hour later, one passenger less we were back on our merry way.
  • We thought traffic was bad, but when I tried to tell the driver that the Mass pike was closed he chose not to listen, so we sat in traffic for several more hours.
  • It took us 8.5 hours to get to Boston from NYC, so we hopped in a cab for the rest of the trip.
  • An hour later, about to pay for pizza I discovered that my wallet was gone. AAAARRRRGHHH! My ID, credit cards, SS card and many other things were in there (incl. $100). I call a bunch of cab firms in the city (no help) and then cancel my cards.
  • An hour later, my friend gets an email message, all very convoluted, but the long and short of it is that someone found my wallet, and they live down the street. I get the wallet, giving the findee a huge hug and trying to give her money. Everything else is where it should be and the wallet is a little flatter with tire marks on it. I'm thrilled to have it back - battle wounds and all!

So, all's well that ends well. It was an adventure, which Mr. B's socks (although not complete a the time) took part in. All's well that ends well.