Monday, May 22, 2006

Well, I've returned from a pretty eventful trip to Boston. Actually, most of the time in Boston was quite tame, but getting there and my arrival was fully of craziness - and not the fun kind. However, all's well that ends well and I'm pleased to say that the trip did result in Mr. B's first sock being completed (well, the bit without the fun pattern). It has to have been one of the more boring things to knit (black stocking stitch) and I still have the second to do - there are no pictures as yet, I couldn't inflict such boring, boringness on any of you. However, it's what he wanted, and I did manage to learn short rows with yarn overs, which are not as hard as I made them. I will really appreciate knitting my lace stole/shawl in-between the knitting of the second sock.

I used my swift for the first time today, winding up some cherry hill superwash sock yarn (looking forward to getting a ball winder now). It was actually mill ends (spelled 'cheap'), so I ended up with one large and three tiny balls, please excuse the blurry picture, it's difficult to get a decent picture in the evening. I plan to knit my second pair of jaywalkers with it, there is plenty of green in the yarn *tips hat to project spectrum*. I will be knitting them toe-up this time - no chickening out.