Wednesday, May 10, 2006

As time goes by

Just so you know, I'm not mad. I love the "before felting pictures", particularly the latest Catty one.

>Caution, none-knitting content below:

While I wish that my 'real' job was knitting or fiber related, it is not and I have have to pay the rent somehow. Some of you may recall that nearly a month ago I was offered a new position at work and now my time is coming up. While I'm super-lucky to get a week off in between jobs, Friday will be my last day in this job. I can't believe my last day in my job is coming up so soon. I have been going crazy trying to tie up loose ends - anyone who's ever done what I do will understand that it is just an impossible mission. However, I look back on the 4 years in this job with fondness at all the different things I have experienced, the amazing (and not so amazing) people I have met, and am amazed at the ability people have to cope in some really trying circumstances. I have been fortunate enough to touch peoples lives (and have theirs touch mine), I have seen parts of people's lives that others will never know. Worked alongside people from a plethora of cultures, religions, stories, abilities and personalities. I have knocked on the door and entered the homes of Jehovah's Witnesses. I supported 3 people through becoming US Citizens, while only holding a working visa myself. I've listened to rants about how great Dubya is, as well as how evil he is. I've seen way too much flesh (too many tales, that make me shudder). I've had people tell me their most intimate personal details. I've had heart-stopping moments. I've seen incredible joy and heartbreaking sadness. And, yet I've experienced so much more than that. I am grateful to each and every family that allowed me into their homes and trusted me to do what they needed me to do, I miss and will miss them all.

As I look back on the past 4 years with fondness, I also look forward to my future with trepidation and excitement. Along with my new position comes new responsibilities and new experiences. So much to learn and so many more wonderful, scary and different people to meet. I can't wait, but I am fearful. What if I don't get 'it'? What if all these new people hate me? What if I fail? I know that all these fears are natural, and I also know that this is not the "biggest mistake of my life". Wish me luck as I embark on a new journey at work.