Monday, May 08, 2006

A lot of fuss about nothing?

I'm coming home today and my street is signposted 'set'. Now that doesn't happen very often, but I see it in other parts of the city all the time. I don't pay much mind until I realize that I don't think I can get into my apartment building without actually being in the movie - yuck! Eventually I figure out the timing and dash in between "cut" and "action". I figured it was a CSI, Law and Order or some similar TV thing, but checking out the directors name (conveniently written on the chair) from my roof, I find that it's actually a movie. Now somehow this is more exciting than a boring old TV show, I realize that Tim Robbins and Bridget Moynahan are outside my apartment right now, filming. I think the blonde girl is Dakota Fanning - but I could be wrong, shouldn't she be taller than that by now? Anyway, that's my other-than-knitting excitement. I checked it out, the movies is called "Noise" and this is actually the first day of filming, wonder if they will be back again tomorrow?

See the tall blurry guy in the middle? That's Tim Robbins - honest!

On to the knitting excitement (it really doesn't get better than Tim Robbins standing outside my apartment - sorry). My dyes came today, so I can get started on dyeing that yarn (assuming I actually have vinegar). Also a cute bag I won on that auction site for $7.50 arrived. Today I had planned to try plying my silk/merino mix, but that dye is just calling my name! Decisions, decisions.