Tuesday, May 09, 2006


No more movies being made today to keep me entertained. But here is a picture of my dyed yarn (GREEN for May's Project Spectrum). I absolutely love it, I deliberately did not stir the yarn during the heating process so that I would get an a variegated color. I think my first ever attempt at dyeing was Fabulous Darrrhhhling, even if I do say so myself. Only one downer, and that is that for some reason I bought laceweight, not fingering weight as I thought it was all this time. I suspect that socks might be hard to make with this yarn (even doubled), unless anyone disagrees, feel free to pipe in here.

I also plied my silk/merino, and I'm pretty happy with it. It is a 2-ply and it is far from perfect, but then if I wanted that I would get store-bought yarn and give up spinning all together (and that is sure not to happen). I keep obsessing about bamboo and what it would be like to spin, but I think Mr. B. would have a heart attack if I got more fiber in the apartment without spinning and knitting at least one bag of what I have right now