Friday, May 26, 2006

Benevolent Leader huh?

Apparently I am a:

You can click the link to find out more. Here is some of what they wrote about me (just skip the itallic if not interested, it's a lot):

Your solid grounding in the practicalities of life, along with your self-assuredness and your willingness to appreciate new things make you a LEADER.

You're in touch with what is going on around you and adept at remaining down-to-earth and logical. Although you're detail-oriented, this doesn't mean that you lose the big picture. Never one to pass on an adventure, you're consistently seeking and finding new things, even in your immediate surroundings. Because of this eagerness to pursue new experiences, you've learned a lot; your attention to detail means that you gain a great deal from your adventures.

The intellectual curiosity that drives you leads you to seek out causes of and reasons behind things. You're not set on one way of doing things, and you often have the skills and persistence to find innovative ways of facing challenges. Your confidence gives you the potential to take your general awareness and channel it into leadership.

You are well-attuned to your talents, and can deal with most problems that you face.

You are a great person to interact with—understanding, giving, and trusting—in a word, BENEVOLENT

You don't mind being in social situations, as you feel comfortable enough with people to be yourself. Your caring nature goes beyond a basic concern: you take the time to understand the nuances of people's situations before passing any sort of judgment. You're a good listener, and even better at offering advice. You're concerned with others at both an individual and societal level—you sympathize with the plights of troubled groups, and you can care about people you've never met. Considering many different perspectives is something at which you excel, and you appreciate that quality in others.

Other people's feelings are important to you, and you're good at mediating disputes. Because of your understanding and patience, you tend to bring out the best in people.

Generally, you believe that you control your life, and that external forces only play a limited role in determining what happens to you.

I have to say that I felt that this was a pretty accurate write up. But, considering the amount of questions I answered about how I feel about myself and how this was written up, there's a part of me that wonders if this is not just the Barnum effect. Maybe others have tried this? What do you think? Accurate? A little too nice? I would ask people that know me if they think this is like me, but I generally don't expect people I actually, physically *know*, to read my blog ;)