Thursday, May 18, 2006

Here I am.

Close-up of lace wrap pattern

Okay, I'm still here, alive and kicking. I've been enjoying my week off and don't have too much in the way of knitting to show for it (just over 2"). I was swatching for days (felt like forever) to find *just* the right pattern for my hand dyed lace yarn. And I think I have it, you can't see much of it now, and the pattern will not show it's true coolness until after blocked. But at least the color is great for project spectrum. More info about this pattern, and how I found it, another time.

Sock beginning

I have also cast on (a second time) for Mr. B's Breakout socks. I did already knit down to the pattern, but wasn't happy with knitting the pattern in the sock as I know I won't be able to do it all the way, and it was turning out to be really messy. So I will be embroidering the pattern on later with duplicate stitch.

I also managed to find my first gifto for my Secret Pal. I am really pleased with my choice, and only hope that my pal will be too. I guess I will need to find out when I'm supposed to be sending the gift. I also bought myself a gift - a swift umbrella. I'm so happy, it should be arriving today (better bloody do since I waited in all day for it - thanks again UPS!!!). We have our fundraiser for work tonight, so hoping that will be a success. Then myself and Mr. B. will be toodling off to Boston, MA for the weekend, plenty of geeky sock knitting to be done on the bus there.