Saturday, May 06, 2006

Man-Made Rain?

You know I was surprised when I read this story about China making rain. Mr. B said that he'd heard this before, have I lived under a rock or something? Of course there is question about whether this is actually working, my question is what the hell kind of rain is coming out of the sky when they are shooting up silver iodine? I know little-to-nothing about chemistry, so I could be wrong in thinking that it could be bad.

As for knitting, I blocked the pullover (thanks Amber and Mud for your suggestions), stretching the bottom right out and now the frilliness is pretty much at a minimum now - who knows if it would stay that way after washing though. Unfortunately, I know no babies small enough to be models for the sweater, so no cute pics of a pullover-wearing-baby.

Jaywalker #1 is complete, and I LOVE it! The colors are so happy and the pattern looks fab. Following a most important rule of knitting two matching items, I cast on and started #2 right away. I also did quite a bit of spinning of the silk/merino, discovering that sweaty hands and loose fiber are quite an interesting combination. I ended up with a nubby single, although I'm still pretty happy with it.

As for Secret Pal 8, I've not heard anything yet about my secret pal, although I'm hoping I will over the weekend. My questionnaire is pretty much complete and I guess I will post it in all its boring glory once I know for sure I am and have a SP. No dye as yet (but the postman hasn't delivered yet), so I'm thinking no dyeing to happen this w/e, oh well, back to some spinning.