Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Chrysler

In terms of knitting/spinning, while there is plenty going on in the house of Schrodinger, it needs to be super-secret goings on right now. Suffice it to say, I'm actually getting jealous of my secret pal - it's going to be hard to give them the next gift installment (I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I scream in a tantrum). As for my Jaywalker, I'm nearly ready to post another picture. It's still going to be a little big (but much, much, much better than before). Instead, I will focus this post on NYC and what a cool night we had last night.

We were out for a friend's birthday, went to The Overlook which has a lovely patio area, where we spent much of the night, getting bitten. On the way, I was thrilled I brought the camera because of this great view of the Chrysler building which remains a firm favorite of mine on the NYC skyline - little did I realize what the evening would bring.

The Chrysler on the way to the bar.

The earrings were a big hit, she put them on immediately (always a good sign) and they suited her and the incredibly funny New Yorker card had us in giggles. The evening was a lot of fun. Around 1am, one of our friends suggested we go to his office, on the 51st floor of the CHRYSLER BUILDING no less!! Of course, how could we refuse? So we spent about an hour up there taking pictures and raving about the fantastic view, naturally I didn't give a sh*t about looking like a tourist in the safety of a night-time office up in the sky - what a fantastic evening. Here's a selection of the night-time shots of the city:

Manhattan at night.

Another cool view of manhattan - see the building with bright light on the top? That's the Metlife Building (used to be the PanAm building).

It's a long way down.

One of the elevelators interior. According to our friend, all of the elevators are different on the inside - we only saw two and they both had stunning wooden inlayed insides, mmmmmmmmmmm.

Leaving the building, it's just an amazing place.