Monday, June 05, 2006

Wonderful Day

Mr. B. and I had a fantastic day yesterday for our anniversary. Mr. B. gave me an extra special present in a blue box. It's a very simple clean style bracelet with a pretty gold and silver piece that looks, to me, like a daisy (one of my favorite flowers - as it's such a happy flower) I LOVE it, and plan to wear it pretty much every day - not being one to save accessories for 'special occasions'.

I also got this t-shirt yesterday, please excuse the wet patch, they didn't have bags when I bought it at the theatre, so it got wet on the way home, and I took the picture immediately - oh well. Anyone who's seen "Bridge and Tunnel" knows exactly what this means, and I couldn't resist. Anyone who hasn't been to see it, should go - it's been extended until July. Sarah Jones is a stunning talent and I found it touching, funny, intelligent and witty. Anyone who thinks that Bush is doing a good job probably shouldn't go though :-)