Thursday, December 22, 2005

Big hat now fits and Strike over, yay and yay

Phew, phew and phew. Gifts nearly over with, the double hat now fits a normal human being now, and it looks pretty cool, even if I do say so myself. That's one phew. Hope that Ronan likes it, I will hand over his and Maureen's gifts (grasshopper stained glass scarf) this evening when we meet for a pre-crimbo drink as they will be off visiting family for the hols.

Most gifts are done now, just a fringe to do on another stained glass scarf and a little gifto for dh (he already has a biggie coming). That's the second phew.

The transit strike, which I've not had chance to write about, was called to an end around 3:25pm when the excutive board took the advice from the TWU leaders (the last phew). Big fines for the union and workers to follow and still no contract! I was one of the lucky few who was granted permission to work from home, due to the difficulty of travelling around Qns from Manhattan - not easy on a normal day. I had plenty of paperwork do do, phone calls to make and even did a home visit for one of my Manhattan co-workers. My paperwork is caught up and I can (hopefully) get back to normal just before the holiday weekend.