Sunday, December 18, 2005

Big Hat

What the hell? I just can't get the hat right, I can only make them too big (just like the hat that won't make it - which I still haven't had the heart to frog yet). I am in the process of decreasing this double hat that is looking quite good, and I realize that it is far too big (by about 2 inches). Okay, I have to frog this and try not to cry while I start all over again.

As for the strikes, it seems that there are a lot of empty threats going around. No strike has happened, and if it does it will be the still little bus strike just like they had in Queens a year or so ago (lucky me eh?). They say that they will strike fully on Tuesday if they don't get what they want/demand. I say, just do it or don't, you're pissing off the NY'ers by messing them around like this, pple don't know if they will get to work (or, worse still, get home again). I imagine that people are losing money out of this already, not a good way to have the city on your side TWU!