Saturday, August 27, 2005

My Stained Glass Scarf

I adore this scarf and I know the picture just doesn't do it justice. I got the yarn (Stained Glass - Tequila Sunrise) from at a reasonable price. The pattern a very simple drop stitch with 3 rows of garter between, athough the first and last 6 rows are in garter, I cast on 22 sts and used size 7 needles, but I have been known to go up or down a size depending on mood (weird huh?). Thanks to for the inspiration. So it goes something like K 4 rows, drop st next row (k, yo 4 times), then k next 3 rows, dropping the yo's. It's a tricky yarn to knit with, but it still knits quickly and it well worth it for the finished result, I ended with a fringe.