Wednesday, October 11, 2006

We interrupt this spinning...

Look to the left of your screen, no down a bit, down a bit more, just below those free patterns. See it? I'm now a proud button owner and new member of the wonder group known as the Spiders! Serious as sh*t! I was thrilled when I got the email from gleek. Mr. B. has smiled politely, trying to appreciate my happiness - but bless him and his little cotton socks (yeah, he claims to have a "wool allergy") I'm not sure he does.

Other news, well Mr. B's Zipped Raglan Sweater in [you've guessed it] cotton now has sleeves, ready to be attached, but that requires more thought than my brain is capable of this evening. I have spun and plied another bobbin of the silk merino and have decided that I'm not a particularly good spinner - time to think about lessons, or at least a decent video or book on the subject. Despite this, I still want to finish spinning what I have left and attempt to knit a Clapotis and have moved my mind towards colours. I'm thinking warm reds/plums/purples/browns and possible oranges. I selected a few pictures to show you guys, but it was just an ulterior motive to have a picture on this post. Instead, I will post a picture of a couple of things coming to me:

You know them, you may love them, I decided it was high time I actually tried them (esp. at the bargain price I bought them for - but more about that later).

Yup, it's the Recycling Tee from Threadless. They have some pretty cool tees, I'm sad that I had to wait a little extra time for them to move warehouses, it's coming soon though, it must be, they promised me.

Okay, that post seemed far too long to me... time for bed.