Saturday, October 07, 2006

Spin, spun and all that.

It seems as though you have spoken with a most positive tone! I was so inspired by everyones enthusiasm, that I got started right away with the spinning. I already have one bobbin of plyed merino-silk. It's not much to look at in it's natural state so I won't bore you with pics. I have to admit that I'm not so happy with my spinning on this one, most likely it's just a result of me being a bit rusty, I will practice more this weekend (time permitting).

I met with the spiders last night again - God I'm really loving knitting with others, I have no idea why I didn't do it before. Anyway, after admiring the yarn of Lisa's sock in progress, Marie pulled out of her bag some skeins of her hand-dyed merino (what Lisa was knitting with). I was blown away by the beauty of the one you see below - how could I resist it? I was so excited to get my hands on this that I clean forgot to ask the name of the colorway, oopsie. Isn't it stunning? and let me tell you, it's soooo soft. Go check out Brooklyn Handspun's online store now, no affiliation, yada, yada, yada - just very satisfied with my yarn purchase, look see...

By the way, today is the 12th anniversary of the day that Mr. B. and I started dating. We moved in together about 6 months after that, and married 10 years after that. And before you say it, no, I don't look old enough, but we were mere children when we met (honest!). My how time flies.