Monday, August 28, 2006

Secret Pal Finale

First of all I need to say a big public thank you to my Secret Pal Emily. I just received my last gift in the exchange from her. Here is it in pictures [yes! two posts with pictures in two days]:

In this picture you can see: a cute cat card; an apple pie scented room freshener; a little box of Whitman's chocolate (the chocs are already gone already - where did they go?); a mini photo book; red white and blue floating star candles; a home-made needle holder in orange, fringed in fun-fur; plastic yarn needles (actually really great for me, since my sweaty hands seem to destroy anything metal; a fridge magnet and a couple of pairs of hand made earrings. Wanna see those last things up close? Here you are:

I think Emily may have picked up that I like orange - what I didn't say [brainless, I know] in my SP8 questionnaire, is that I love fridge magnets. What I missed out in photographing (there was so much, I was bound to forget something) is a little tube of curel lavender, chamomile moisturizer.

Finally, and certainly not least - YAAAARRRRRRNNNN!! Pretty much my favorite thing to receive ever. This is Knitpicks Shine in worsted (I love the sport weight shine, so I'm pretty sure I will love the worsted - makes for fast knitting right?) in 8, yes! EIGHT, different colors; along with the pattern for the funky florida bags.