Friday, August 11, 2006

Let's go Mets

Okay, Okay, if you're a Yankees fan you might not care for this post, or already have stopped reading.

Still here? Well, Wednesday was Mr. B's birthday. To celebrate, I took him out to the Mets / Padres game at Shea and what fun we had, it helped that they won of course. I got into baseball when I first came to visit the US and saw the Yankees play the Red Sox at Fenway (I wanted the Sox to win, but they didn't). I had much fun despite not understanding most of what was going on, particularly the 7th inning stretch - what was that about? We moved to live in New York in 2000, only 3 days before the Subway Series started. We were living with a Mets fan, and as Brits, we naturally support the underdog - so we became Mets fans instantly.

Okay, enough history. Piazza was playing with the Padres, and he scored 2 home runs, which were cheered mightily by the Mets fans. However, the chance of him getting another home run and taking the lead shut us all up! We had the cheap seats, but behind home plate. For a few innings I had this view:

I'm proud of myself, I did not hurt the child, just peered through whatever gap I could and bitched and moaned a little to Mr. B. (thank goodness he's a patient man).

So glad we made it to at least one game this year, it's such a great atmosphere, soooo much different to the last couple of years year where the stadium was practically empty and people just jeered the team :(