Sunday, August 27, 2006

Finally! Photos.

Okay, okay, my blogging has been a little lacklustre recently. I don't have a valid excuse really, all I can say is that I haven't had an awful lot to photograph, and I really couldn't go with 3 photo-less posts in a row.

I had started the very famous, very lovely Pomatomus socks which I continue to call 'potamus' socks, even though I realized about 6 months ago that it not what they are called. However, after casting on 3 times already, this is as far as I got.

I decided that I currently suck at reading patterns with more than a couple of different rows and have put them down (they still needed to be frogged). The yarn is the fingering weight Kona yarn that I dyed in turquoise.

Instead I decided to use up the rest of my pink bamboo yarn to knit up the razor cami. There were so many lovely razors popping up in the blogging world, that I decided that I couldn't be left out. Progress has been considerable compared to the darned socks!!

And up close...