Sunday, August 06, 2006

Extended Birthday

More birthday gifts in pictures.

A Turkish spindle AND Treasury of Knitting Patterns volume 1 AND volume 2. I also got a tensioned lazy kate, unfortunately it's too small for my bobbins (my fault, I asked for it and didn't measure - oops).

Other gifts were cash and gift certificates - so there will be more pictures here and there (as and when I order more toys, etc). Here is another gift though:

I'm sure this one would count for Saturday Skies.

Yup, a boat trip around Manhattan. It was a beautiful day for it yesterday. We had a buffet dinner and cocktails and sailed around the island. Got to see the sun setting behind the statue of Liberty (reminding me of the few months that we lived in Staten Island, some 5 + years ago). My camera ran out of battery only 20 mins into the ride - see this was a surpise present so I wasn't prepared to take a boat-load (pun intended) of pictures.