Monday, August 07, 2006

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

As promised, here are FOs pics of the River Rapids Socks. I did one less pattern repeat in the leg (just enough yarn for them), I also carried on the "river" pattern down the sides of the heel, not exactly practical, but purdy. The yarn was kona superwash merino, sport weight, dyed by my own fair hand. I used knitpicks #2 circs, two pairs. The view was from the fire escape - the only place I could get good light at the time - the close-up is truer to the color of the socks.

Close-up of Heel - I love that I now know how to carry the pretty pattern down the side of the heel.

Also, my bag (from a birthday gift cert) arrived today. I love that it has the flowery lining. I'm not so keen on the rubbery smell - I don't think I had any idea that it would be a foam rubber material - although I like that the handle is all squidgy and boingy.