Saturday, January 28, 2006

Brother's hat and Fish update

The double hat for my little bro is nearly done, however, just now, while taking the photo's of it, I realized that the blue stripes are pretty hideous with the green... So I have some frogging ahead of me (ERGH) then change the stripes to black, much more suitable. The yarn I'm using is Bernat Satin, an impulse purchase/fast buy when someone needed to stop by the craft store before dropping me off for the train. I'm completely shocked that I love this yarn so much. I was becoming a little bit of a yarn snob, but just starting to figure out that expensive does not necessarily translate to good. So yeah, just like anything else really - DUH, I'm slow, I know! But this Satin is soooo soft! It has a lovely sheen AND it's cheap!

As for the fishies, they're getting there, as you can see. However, I HATE chenille, really! Certainly the stuff I've got. It hurts my fingers to knit with, it's stringy, and I strongly suspect that it will start going 'bald' in no time. But somehow I know that I have to get this done, I have a gazillion yards of the stuff and nothing else to make with it. Anyway, the fish are starting to come together, there are 9 so far. And I know that I will love the optical illusion that just 2 colors will create.