Sunday, July 01, 2007

Weekly update.

Thank you everyone for your sweet and wonderful comments about the bowling bag, I did have some issues leaving my apartment with my gigantuan head for a few days :) The bag goes to work with me everyday, and it's working out perfectly - and, yes, I am still boasting when I get the chance.

Now on to what's been going on with my crafty life this week. Firstly, I have an FO: Mr. Schrodinger Senior (AKA, Dad) has a pair of socks for his upcoming birthday on 07/07/07. I have to get these in the mail tomorrow and just hope like crazy that they will get there for Saturday, which might be tricky thanks to a Postal strike in the UK.

The socks ain't exactly newsworthy, but they should be perfect for a man who'd want nothing more than "just plain socks".

Pattern: basic top-down, short row heels with 2x2 ribbing for the cuff.
Needles: Knitpicks US #1
Yarn: Regia Stretch Color, color #98
Thoughts and Outcome: well, they're socks. Actually perfect for train rides, 3 hour car rides to Staten Island (don't ask), Spiders, cabs and anywhere else I could pull them out and get a few rounds in. I'm a little concerned the leg might be a little tight for him, we shall have to wait and see.

And here's a nearly FO, my "Twisted Tweed" Socks. Partly nspired by Sandra's Charades and partly by how the RPMs worked on Trekking, I wanted something, spiral and tweed.

So I found this stitch patern and I think it is nearly perfect. I say nearly, because the row gauge is so completely different to that of st st, the foot looks quite bizarre when knitting it. However, after blocking it was a lot less noticeable and (in the true test) the sock fits me perfectly well.

I plan on sharing the pattern with you as soon as I've finished, there will be a toe-up and a top-down version available. Anyone wishing to test knit before then, just drop me a comment and I'll email you the info. I also have to work out where to store the pdf for others to download it - any ideas on this front will be gratefully appreciated.

Now for the jealous-making part. For those of you in tiny spaces, you might want to stop reading now and go to Katy's amusing post on sewing in an NYC apartment.

After 3 months of looking, I finally found it, and my "sewing table" arrived on Friday, Mr B. put it together for me yesterday - and what a star he was, the horrible thing took about 2 hours, thanks to some poorly drilled holes and other 'issues'. However for $82 (including tax and shipping - gotta love Target baby) we couldn't really complain too much, AND it's as solid as a rock and looks pretty cool too.

As you can see, it's not truly a sewing table, just a desk with a sewing machine on it, but it's perect for my needs. The height is adjustible and there's a little drawer for some knick-knacks. Now my craft corner is almost complete.

I say almost, because there is the little issue of this to take care of.

Some shelves, and additional cubes will be added as money permits, but it's certainly looking great to me. Now I have no excuses for not sewing...

Well... except for the small task of changing my online photo storage from fotki (which is a truly great site and I have no problems with it, ever) to flickr. While I still have my reservations about flickr (it just seems more limited compared to fotki), it does look cool, and it works with Ravelry, and that was enough for me to decide to make the switch now that my second year draws to an end with fotki. So, I apologize to those of you who get email updates from flickr, I will be adding a LOT of old photos over the coming days (and months).