Monday, February 12, 2007

Dizzy! I'm so dizzy my head is spinning!

First of all, thanks so much for your enthusiasm about my bags, I'm pretty excited about them, and will be working on perfecting the design over the next few weeks.

Please excuse the rather barren look of the blog as it goes through a metamorphosis.

I missed my usual Sunday post yesterday because I was busy at a spinning party at Marie's. Yes the Spiders met up for an afternoon on fun, food, films and flying fiber. Sadly, I forgot my camera, so you'd have to check some other spider sites to see photos. I have a picture of what I succeeded in spindle spinning...

Some Brooklyn handspun spinning batt on my turkish drop spindle
Pretty pathetic no? I concluded yesterday that I'm not a fan of drop spindle spinning, although it was my first time, I'm not patient enough to wait the hours, days, years it would take for me to produce enough knitworthy yarn for even a scarf. I will stick with my wheel thank you very much. Speaking of wheels, I did get to play with Marie's Lendrum, ooooooh what a dream! It was a pleasure to use and I actually think I was a better spinner with it than with mine. I did go home and spin some of her lovely fiber, freshly carded and a pleasure to spin with.

Don't worry, I haven't completely neglected my knitting. I have a few things on the go, but the progress shots are not worth it, but I did knit a sock.

This is actually from the yarn from the 1 1/3rd jaywalkers. Well, I finally frogged them!!